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Here to Help Our Customers, Our Communities and the American Red Cross

April 3, 2020 


We are proud that we have been able to provide our customers with essential items to keep their households safe and functioning in a healthy way during the Covid-19 crisis. And we plan to continue wherever we’re able. Our stores remain stocked with what you need for your home at this time – whether it’s appliances to store and prepare your family’s food, computers for work or school, and even TVs and gaming systems if you’re looking for ways to keep the family entertained.


As you know, cities, counties and states across the country are battling to control the spread of Covid-19 and each has its own rules we all have to follow. In some of the hardest hit areas, we may be closed. In other areas, our services are limited. But we want to reassure you that your health and safety together with the health and safety of our associates remain our priority. Therefore, wherever we are able to do so, we will continue to offer the following services:


Doorstep Delivery Available


We continue to deliver products to your home, dropping off merchandise at your front door to minimize person-to-person exposure. You can shop right from home at for whatever you need, or call your local store.


Same-Day Curbside Pickup


We offer curbside pickup (following social distance practices) for any product that can fit in your car. Just call your local store to make arrangements and to let them know when you’ll be arriving.


Product Service and Repairs Included


Product service and repairs are still available. Please contact your local store to schedule a doorstep pickup.


Account Management from Home


Remember that you can make payments online or by phone (call your local store or our Customer Service team at 1-877-45-CHOICE). In many cases, curbside assistance is also available if you need to make your payment in person. Just call your local store to make arrangements.


As we come together as families, I know we’re all trying to help our own neighbors and communities as well, however we can. So, I also wanted to share some exciting news with you: Home Choice is partnering with the American Red Cross, helping to raise funds for their efforts in providing necessary services to communities all over the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.


I invite you to join in making a contribution to help the American Red Cross deliver its lifesaving mission, and we will match donations by making a contribution up to a total of $50,000 in matching funds. Your donation will help ensure (among other services) that blood is made available to help patients in need, prevent blood shortages, and provide critical relief services to people affected by this national public health emergency.


We’ve even made it easy: Simply make your donation online or by phone to this worthy cause by clicking here.


We’re all in this together. And whether it’s within your community or your own household, helping each other is what will get us through this. And as always, we remain committed to serving you and your family’s needs any way we can.



Mitch Fadel,

CEO, Home Choice



March 24, 2020


We are committed to remaining a lifeline to our customers and our community in providing the reliable household items that are absolutely essential for families to get through these difficult times. We have these products available in our stores now, ready to be delivered to you immediately.  We also completely understand that we need to do this in a way that vigilantly protects the health and safety of our customers, as well as the welfare of our associates during this time of growing economic uncertainty. With stricter safety regulations now in play around the country, I’d like to share the latest steps we’ve put in place so our stores and products remain accessible to you, while enhancing your safety and that of our associates:


New: “Threshold Deliveries” at Your Home & Curbside Pickup

While we will continue to deliver and service your products, we’ve made a critical temporary change to our current practices:

  • We will provide “threshold deliveries,” dropping off your merchandise at your front door. We will also work closely with you with in making arrangements to get the product inside your home.
  • We will not enter customers’ homes, and in-house installations are suspended until further notice.
  • We offer curbside pickup for laptops, smartphones, or any product that can fit in your car. Just give us a call when you arrive at the store and we will bring it out to you while following social distancing regulations. 
  • Product service and repairs are still available. Please contact your local store to schedule front door pick up.
  • In all cases, our associates will use disinfectant wipes to disinfect merchandise. They will also use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before and after handling products.


24/7 Online Availability


As stated before, we are ready NOW to provide you with household necessities such as refrigerators and freezers as well as ranges so that food can be safely stored and prepared; computers so you can work and educate children from home; and smartphones so families can connect with loved ones.


Most importantly, you have the ability to get what you need without setting foot in a store:


  • Shop online 24 hours a day at
  • Complete your contract from the safety of your home
  • Make payments online (even set up automatic payments), through our mobile app or by calling your local store or our customer service team at 1-877-45-CHOICE. Curbside payments are available to those who need to make their payment in person – just give us a call when you arrive.


Strict Safe Distancing Inside Stores

It is more important now than ever that our stores remain open to serve you with our readily available inventory. Rest assured we also continue to enforce our increased sanitation efforts (on top of our already rigorous quality assurance practices) as outlined by the CDC and other health organizations.

If you do choose to shop in-store, we suggest that you shop alone – without other family members – for everyone’s safety. We are also fully enforcing strict social distancing in all cases, and therefore limiting the number of customers in our stores to one at a time.


At this time, we have not changed our operating hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Sat: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Please contact your store prior to visiting. We are following decisions from local and national officials that can impact our operationsFind Your Store >


Taking Care of Our Team

We know that you care about our associates as much as we do, especially while they are working harder than ever to take care of you. So, we want to assure you we are taking care of them.


  • We recognize our associates may need time off in order to take care of family members, attend to children during school closures, manage other personal matters, or due to general concerns. We are sensitive to such situations and are providing our associates with options. 
  • Coworkers who have contracted COVID-19 will receive 10 days of paid time off in addition to their already provided paid time off benefits.


Bottom line: Whatever we can do to ensure everyone’s safety, health and peace of mind, we are committed to do. We are proud and grateful that we are still able to continue serving you, our family, in this way, during this critical time. And we thank you for your loyalty and patience as we all navigate these waters together.



Mitch Fadel,

CEO, Home Choice



March 20, 2020


Our daily lives are changing seemingly by the hour during this unprecedented moment in time. But one thing is clear and constant: Sticking together and helping those who need it most will get us all through this. So I want to share with you some updates on our stores and how we’re upholding our commitment to serving you during this crisis as it continues to shift, while keeping health and safety as top priority.


We have the essentials you need

While our role has always been to provide families the home items they need, some items are becoming vital essentials now more than ever. Our stores are ready to quickly deliver what you need now, especially these:


  • Keeping your family healthy starts with making sure your family eats healthy foods. We have the refrigerators, freezers and ranges you need to store and prepare food safely. Shop Appliances >


  • With most schools and offices closed, we have desktop and laptop computers for those who need to work or educate their children from home. Shop Computers >


  • As we responsibly practice social isolation, we have smartphones to help you stay connected with loved ones (especially older family members and friends). Shop Smartphones >


Remember that delivery is available for your convenience.


Continuing to serve you safely

Most stores remain open to the public, and we continue to enforce our increased sanitation efforts following practices outlined by the CDC. We are also limiting the number of customers in our stores so that we can enforce social distancing guidelines and help you feel safe. If you do not feel comfortable visiting a store or you do not feel well, please call your local store and they will work with you.

Also, remember that you can make payments online or by phone by calling your local store. Or if your store is closed, call customer service at 1-877-45-CHOICE.


Some locations are closing temporarily

We are of course following decisions from local and national officials that impact how we operate our business. As a result, some stores may close, operate in a limited capacity (e.g., only offering delivery), or serve you from other nearby locations. Please contact your store prior to visiting to make sure it is open. Find Your Store >


Taking care of our team

Our associates are our family, just like you – so we want to assure you we are taking care of them. So if an associate is uncomfortable going into work, they are allowed to stay home. And we are providing paid time off to employees who are sick.


Every day brings a new development, but we will get through this. We will continue to keep you updated as your needs or state and local regulations change. In the meantime, know that your families are in our thoughts and our commitment to serving you is unwavering.



Mitch Fadel,

CEO, Home Choice



March 13, 2020


Keeping our stores clean and safe

The cleanliness of our store is always a top priority for us, and now more than ever - so we have increased the frequency, strength and thoroughness of cleaning and sanitizing measures regarding our stores and products, especially on more frequently touched surfaces (e.g., countertops, remote controls, gaming systems, etc.).


Supporting our associates

We have shared specific instructions with all Home Choice associates regarding the best ways to keep themselves and their families healthy as advised by the CDC and other health organizations. More importantly, we're instructing associates who don't feel well or have recently returned from traveling in an area of the world currently considered "high risk" to stay home and consult a healthcare provider.


Continuing to serve you

Rest assured our stores are open for business to continue to meet your needs. However, if you are not feeling well or choose not to visit our stores during this time, we're ready to serve you at As always, we offer delivery service for your convenience. Current customers needing to make a payment can take advantage of our convenient online payment options.


Offering in-home customer service reschedules

If you need to reschedule a delivery, just contact your local store and we'll be happy to do so at your convenience. We understand that this situation is top of mind for all of us right now. Based on the measures we've taken (and will continue to take as circumstances change), we are confident that our stores will remain a safe and welcoming place for our customers and our community.



Mitch Fadel,

CEO, Home Choice

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